TeacherOver the years that I've been a Christian I have led many bible studies and courses and I want to share some of the fruits of that labour with you on these pages. The teachings on these pages are partly based on past studies that I've written for various groups and partly from my own meditations and studies in recent times. I'm offering two types teachings; short (bite-size) teachings and longer (full) teachings which go into more detail. I pray that, as you read these teachings, you are blessed and that the truth of God's Word comes to you as a revelation.

I've also preached many sermons over the years and I've made some of them available for you to listen to on this website. Preaching offers another way of teaching God's word and I hope that you will find my sermons helpful and encouraging.

Please click on the buttons on the left hand side of this page to go to the pages where you can find the teachings and sermons. Click on the Bite-Sized Teachings button to read the short teachings, the Full Teachings button to read the longer teachings and the Sermons button to listen to the sermons.