The Best Things In Life Are Free

The Best Things in Life Are Free

18th March 2018

One of the best known sayings in my country is, “The best things in life are free” and it is so true. For most of us we have to earn what we might consider to be the good things such as being loved. For instance, if we want an income or wage, most of us have to earn it.

And this principle is true in many relationships. How often do we find that we have to earn someone’s love for us? Before someone will love us they will often expect something in return or they will expect us to prove our loyalty first. But the love of Jesus is unconditional; there are no strings attached. It’s a giving love. When Jesus offered himself up as a sacrifice for us on the cross he showed his unconditional love in the most perfect and complete way possible. He paid the price for all of our wrongdoing, our sins and the punishment that we justly deserved. He paid the full price so that we don’t have to pay anything at all for our wrongdoing.

Through his death on the cross Jesus has made so many good things available to us for free. Here’s just a few of them in no particular order: forgiveness, peace, prosperity, wisdom, health, freedom, blessings, eternal and abundant life. So, why would anyone reject Jesus and the all that he has to offer us for free? It makes no sense.