Why Christian Friends of Israel (CFI)?

Why Christian Friends of Israel (CFI)?

28th March 2019

Christian Friends of Israel (UK) exist to:

Support the Jewish people and communities in the United Kingdom (UK) and beyond.

Reduce anti-Semitism and replacement theology in the nation and the Church.

Assist cross-community projects in Israel.

They participate in UK tours, festivals and prayer conferences to help raise awareness of the above issues. And they educate people about Hebraic roots and encourage them to ask questions as to why, as Christians, we should be friends of Israel and stand with the Jewish people and communities in the UK and beyond.

They offer much literature and various courses, including the Kesher course which is about making connections between Judaism, Christianity, Israel and the Church.

Psalm 133 is entitled ‘Blessed Unity of the People of God’. Please pray that the churches would pray for the nations in unity and that they would be blessed in this.

In CFI’S latest prayer pointers they mention Amos 8:11 which speaks of a famine – a lack of the Word of God. It may be that we are in such a similar season.

Please pray that all believers are filled with the truth and a hunger to study and that the Church will stand on the foundation of the Word. Please pray for CFI and their valuable work; that they will reach out to the many and not the few and that they will bear much fruit.

Their website is www.cfi.org.uk.