31st July 2018

I have become increasingly aware of late just how much false teaching and practice there is at work in the church today. In 2 Timothy 3 Paul warns Timothy about such things in the last days and we are in the last days. In fact, I believe that we are in the last hours of the last days.

I once knew someone who owned a Christian bookshop and he confided in me that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to separate the books containing false teaching from the ones containing the truth. And that was over twenty years ago.

Recently I have seen a couple of videos of famous Christian teachers saying things that were clearly false. They were speaking to hundreds of people at different venues and the people were lapping it up. Their techniques for achieving this were cunning. They mixed truth with lies and in the end their only purpose for doing so was to get the audience to part with lots of money. I’m talking about men who are internationally known and have bestselling books. If I had been there I would have walked out.

There have always been false teachers and prophets trying to deceive believers. But with the communication and information revolution that has occurred in my lifetime I am seeing a massive increase in it these days. Many, many Christians are being deceived and robbed pastorally I am angry about this and that’s why I’m writing this. And the sad thing is that there is a simple solution to this problem. To avoid being deceived you need to know your Bible and test what is being said or done. If something you are reading or being told is not in the scriptures then it is false. I have included a link to a video below which is really good on the subject. The only thing I would add to what Joshua Chavez says is that you also need to walk closely with the Lord in submission.