Its Over

It’s Over

18th July 2020

The Church Age is over. Yes, I am convinced that the Church Age is over. The Church Age began on the day that Jesus rose from the dead and it will end when the Church is Raptured (see my teaching on the Rapture). Although the Rapture of the Church has not happened yet, the Church is no longer functioning as it should and has effectively come to an end for good. I say this because I am convinced that the government will never allow the Church to function as it should ever again; that is, to be the Church that is described in the Word of God (the Bible).

When the Coronavirus outbreak began earlier this year, some church leaders thought that it had been sent by God as a judgement upon the earth in order to bring millions to faith in Jesus. However, they could not have been further from the truth. They were missing the point completely. The virus was not sent by God. What they should have been looking at were the actions being taken by governments all around the world in response to the outbreak. Covid-19 is just another virus that is no more dangerous than the annual flu outbreak and yet the measures imposed on us are extreme and totally unnecessary. They are totally disproportionate to the threat posed by Covid-19. And that’s because the real purpose of the measures has nothing to do with the virus. The virus is simply being used as an excuse to introduce them. The measures are really about the manipulation and control of the masses. The threat from the virus has been deliberately exaggerated in order to get us to accept the loss of our freedoms and to give enormous, dictatorial power to governments. There are powerful forces at work preparing the world for a one-world government (as prophesied in the Book of Revelation) and we are witnessing the first steps designed to move us towards that goal. We are seeing the birth pangs that Jesus spoke about in Matthew chapter 24.

The measures being forced upon us are evil. They are designed to make us fearful. Fear does not come from God. The most common words spoken by Jesus to his disciples in the Gospels were ‘fear not’. The fear being instilled in us by governments, scientists and the main stream media is designed to get us to agree to being controlled. The social distancing, virtual house arrests, quarantining and isolation are designed to keep us apart and harm us mentally. The lockdown or closing down of the economy was designed to cause financial ruin and create despair and anarchy. The introduction of tracking systems is designed to get us used to having our every move followed and to take away our privacy so that we can be controlled and manipulated. The measures being imposed on us will cause the breakdown of society, they will cause enormous health problems in the future and horrendous financial suffering for millions and finally, they will cause many people to die prematurely (far more than Covid-19). And these measures will not be lifted soon; they will remain in place to some extent for a long time. That is why I say they are evil.

And the most astonishing thing to me is that most people can’t see what is really happening. We are being manipulated and lied to and most people can’t see it. Now, it comes as no surprise to me that unbelievers would not see the truth but what shocks me is that most Christians can’t see it. Most Christians have completely bought the lie and think that all the measures are necessary and that it will all end soon. They are deluded. It will not end soon; in fact, it is going to get worse. The government has shut the church down and most Christians have accepted it. I’ve even heard some Christians saying how wonderful the lockdown has been, as if it was a gift from God. Most churches have moved online, creating virtual churches. But this is unbiblical and is not true church. We should not be doing this. Many Christians positively embrace and relish what the government has done to the Church. So, as I say, it amazes me that most people, including Christians, can’t see what is really going on. In 2 Thessalonians 2:11 Paul talks about God sending a strong delusion on the people of the earth causing them to believe a lie. I know he was talking about the Great Tribulation, but it seems to me that something similar is happening right now. This means that only those Christians who know the scriptures and who are in close fellowship with Jesus can see through the lie and understand what is really happening. The rest are deluded and need to wake up from their slumber.

At the beginning of this blog I said that the Church Age is effectively over and everything else I have said is evidence to back up that claim. I am not alone in being able to see what is really going on. There are other Christians who can see what I can see and there even some non-Christians who can see what’s really going on. The difference between the Christians and the non-Christians is that the Christians know why these things are happening. So, I am saying to the deluded Christians, ‘wake up’! Wake up, it’s over, the groom is coming for His bride very soon.