New Chapter

New Chapter

24th September 2019

In my blog on the 19th May 2019 I said that Suzanne and I would not be able to do much on the website for a while because of a long term project. Well, that long term project has now come to fruition. The project was a process we needed to go through to reach a new chapter in our ministry together.

Some time ago we said to the Lord in prayer that we were willing to go wherever He wanted in order to do His will. We did this because we were aware that sometimes the Lord leads His followers to new geographical locations in order to do what He wants. We find examples of this throughout the Bible. Well, the Lord took us at our word and has moved us to Manchester in northern England. He showed this to us in May and ever since then we have been preparing for the move and now we have arrived.

In the Resources section of this website I recommend a book called Biblical Church. This is a book that identifies the key features of a truly biblical church which is nothing like most churches that we find today. For some time I have longed to be part of such a church and here in Manchester I have found one with the Lord’s help. We have moved to Manchester to be part of this local church and to fully use our gifts and talents. We believed that this move would enable us to be more fruitful in our ministries and already that is proving to be the case.

We have taken this step in obedience to the Lord’s will for us and we have taken it to serve. We have also simplified our lives in order to be able to more easily serve Him. Although we now have the time to work on the website more than we have for a while, most of our time will now be spent working in our new church.

The opening of this new chapter in our lives has taught us a number of lessons which I would like to share with you. This move came about as a result of much prayer and fasting over a couple of years. And our prayer was all about humbling ourselves, being willing to serve and being willing to leave all behind for the sake of the Kingdom. The Lord listened and was gracious enough to share his plans for us over a period of time. Our understanding of His plans for us grew and at just the right time the door opened for us to move. And when the door opened everything fell into place very quickly. We have learnt that if you come before the Lord with a humble and open heart He will answer. Finally, this move is the fulfilment of a calling I received from the Lord decades ago which just goes to show that He will make it happen but in His time. We must never give up.