24 December 2014

Because it’s the 100th anniversary of the First Word War, there’s been a lot of activity this year through which we have been encouraged to remember that war. And one of the phrases associated with Remembrance Sunday is “lest we forget”.

But remembrance activity is not limited to wars. In December each year we are encouraged to remember the birth of Jesus who came into our world to rescue us. In fact remembrance is an important part of Christianity.

In the bible, God’s people are often encouraged to remember events or things that were said in the past to help with the present. Just as we all remember each December how God intervened in our world by sending Jesus, each one of us should take the time to remember those times when God has intervened in our own personal lives. As I remember those times in my life when God has healed me, spoken to me or moved me I am encouraged in my faith and I look to the future with a sure hope. If He’s done it before, He’ll do it again.

So I would encourage you also to remember what He has done for you and rejoice in His goodness and mercy.