Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

19th September 2020

It’s time for Christians to wake up and smell the coffee. We are living in truly evil times and most Christians are living in dream land, completely unaware of what’s really going on. They think that the Coronavirus crisis happened naturally and that it will be over soon. They are wrong.

The Coronavirus crisis that is in full swing globally did not occur naturally. It was planned years ago. It is not a pandemic; it’s a plandemic. According to a virologist who worked for the World Health Organisation, COVID-19 is a manmade virus, created in a military laboratory in Wuhan. She says that she has proof that it is not natural. Regardless of whether or not the virus is natural, all of the activities associated with it were planned years ago. There are powerful global forces at work whose stated aims are to reduce the population of the earth, control the masses, take control of all of the earth’s resources, create a single monetary system, create a one world religion and set up a one world government. The means to these ends are the global warming hoax and the coronavirus hoax. They are using fear, lies, propaganda and censorship to trick us all and get us to comply with their plans.

I am not making this up and I’ve not lost my mind. All of the evidence is out there for anyone who wants to take the trouble to do the research. All you need to do is look into the United Nation’s Agenda 21, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, the Club of Rome and the Blair Faith Foundation for example. I would also recommend that you look up Dr Vernon Coleman (vernoncoleman.com) and J D Farag (Hawaiian pastor). Dr Coleman produces regular videos about the coronavirus hoax which can be found on the video platform Brand New Tube. J D Farag produces weekly prophecy updates from his church in Hawaii which are available on YouTube at the moment. He provides the same kind of information as Dr Coleman but from a biblical prophecy point of view. What we are witnessing is a global coup designed to change the world into a kind of hell on earth for most of us. You can find out much more about what’s really going on from Dr Coleman and J D Farag.

Although there are certain individuals and organisations behind the Coronavirus hoax, the real driving force is Satan. Satan is masterminding a global plan that will prepare the world for the Antichrist and we are witnessing the first steps. He is creating a new world order, otherwise known as the ‘new normal’. Part of his plan is to silence and disable the church. The restrictions being imposed on the church around the world are truly demonic. And those Christians and their churches who are bowing down to these demonic restrictions are collaborating with the Devil. But this should come as no surprise. For decades now, most of the Church has been becoming more and more apostate. And what this plandemic has done is expose just how rotten most of the church is. However, God has always made sure that there is a remnant of true believers no matter how bad things get and that is just as true today. There are some leaders and their churches who have not bowed down to Satan’s plan despite being under great pressure. Most notable among them are J D Farag and Calvary Chapel in Hawaii and John MacArthur and Grace Community Church on Los Angeles.

Anyone who thinks that the church is going to be allowed to go back to the way it was are living in cloud cuckoo land. We will never get our religious freedom back. Not only that, things are going to get much worse in every way. Time is running out; what’s happening now is just the start of a truly wicked plan for mankind. Wake up you sleepers and smell the coffee.