1st January 2016

At this time of year many people reflect on the past and look to the future and that’s what I’ve been doing. One of the events I remember from 2015 was the publication of a report that showed a huge decline in Christianity in Great Britain over the last 30 years. And, as this has happened, it seems to me that there has been a decline in moral standards and behaviour. For Great Britain, both of these developments are tragic and something needs to happen in order to reverse these trends.

So what needs to happen? The answer is simple. The church needs to rediscover the power and authority given to it by Jesus. And the best way for that to happen is through a revival.

Unfortunately, revival is something that is all too often misunderstood and the word revival is too often used incorrectly. The last great revival to take place in Great Britain was in the Outer Hebrides starting in 1948. On the Resources page of this website is some information about a book written about this revival. 1948 is a long time ago and, as a nation we are long overdue for another one. So, what is a true revival? Well, the best definition I have ever come across is as follows; a revival occurs when a large number of people are baptised with the Holy Spirit. A revival is not a quiet, hidden event; there is no mistaking that something extraordinary is happening and the effects are far reaching and long lasting. I believe that the effects of the 1948 revival are still being felt on the Isle of Lewis today. And the final point about a revival is that it starts in the church.

The church is at its most powerful when a revival occurs. That’s why those of us in the church need to understand what it is and to pray for it. And the best place to start learning about it is to listen to the 24 series of sermons that Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones gave on revival. More information about this can be found on the Resources page of this website. So, for 2016 I would urge you to learn about revivals and to pray earnestly for another one soon in Great Britain.