The Coronavirus Crisis

The Coronavirus Crisis

6th April 2020

Many Christians are trying to make sense of the current crisis regarding the Coronavirus pandemic which is affecting the whole world. A particular strain of Coronavirus known as Covid-19 is spreading around the world and the response of governments and state authorities to it is extreme to say the least. In effect, the whole world is being shut down. So what are we to make of it in light of scripture?

The first thing that I would like to say is that the real danger to us from this crisis is not the virus itself but from the behaviour of governments and the mainstream media. Furthermore, this virus will take its course and come to an end, but it’s what could happen as a result of this crisis that we should look out for. But before I look at the possible consequences of this crisis I want to shed some light on what is currently happening.

Given the actions of governments and the scientists working for them you would think that we are facing a catastrophe akin to the Black Death. That we are all in mortal danger because this virus is so dangerous. But just how dangerous is this virus? Up to 650,000 people die from flu each year. So far 69,000 people have died from Covid-19 and we are well into the cycle of this pandemic. So far, the scale of this pandemic is nowhere near the scale of the annual flu outbreak and yet the world authorities have never used the extreme measures to deal with flu as it is doing with Covid-19. Furthermore, most of the people who are dying from this pandemic are the same kinds of people who die from flu every year. On top of this the statistics being reported by governments and health authorities are misleading and unreliable. In the UK the figures so far published are based solely on those people who have been admitted to a hospital. This is because so far the only people being tested are the hospital patients. The wider population has not been tested and anyone who dies outside hospital is not tested. This means that the infection figures and the death figures are unreliable and give a misleading impression of what is really happening. And we are not being provided with any figures for the number of people who have been admitted to hospital with Covid-19 and have recovered. And finally, everyone who dies and has the virus is being treated as having died of the Coronavirus, even though most of them have other serious health conditions which could have led to their death. I do not wish to minimise the deaths of those involved in this pandemic. Every person is precious and the deaths of such a lot of people as a result of this pandemic is tragic. But we have to keep it in perspective. So far, it looks like this Covid-19 is no more dangerous than Influenza.

So why have the authorities responded to Covid-19 with such extreme and draconian measures? I don’t have a full answer to that question but I do know that the measures taken are driven by certain scientists, the crisis is man-made and that the pandemic has been politicised. So, let’s take a closer look at the way this pandemic is being handled by politicians, health officials and the mainstream media. I am going to base my observations on what is happening in the UK where I live but they are generally true of the rest of the world. The government and health officials have deliberately created great fear and hysteria in the population about this virus. They have controlled very carefully what the public is told and have focused on the most alarming data they can come up with. In some cases, they have made extreme predictions without presenting any science to back them up. Having instilled great fear in the population, they have introduced draconian measures that have taken away our civil liberties, caused great hardship for a huge part of the population, wrecked our society by isolating most people from one another, given enormous powers to the government, suspended most of our democratic processes, closed down the church and set the country on a course of financial ruin. They have also silenced descent from the government narrative by making social outcasts of anyone who questions what the government is doing or who disobeys what they tell us to do. In the UK we are now effectively in a dictatorial police state in which most of the population is under effective house arrest and severely restricted in what they can do. Now I am not saying that there is any kind of malicious intent in any of this or that there is any kind of conspiracy; I am just describing what is happening. I do believe that all of this is deliberate. The best way to get the mass population to co-operate with these extreme measures is to instil great fear in them. But once again I am not saying that there is anything malicious in this but I do think that what they are doing is dangerous and should concern us. I would also like to point out the behaviour of the mainstream media. They have played a big part in this man-made crisis. They have sensationalised what is happening and provided a very biased view of what is happening around the world. They have focused almost exclusively on the worst and most frightening stories of what is happening. They have focused on places like Italy and Spain where the health services are struggling to cope and ignored those countries where there are very few deaths. They have also focused on the most alarming figures such as the growing death toll and the growing infection total. They have provided saturation coverage of the Coronavirus crisis and the impact of it across the world. All of this ensures that the subject utterly dominates our lives and reinforces the fear in everyone that the whole world is in great danger. It is achieving what the Climate Change campaigners could only dream of.

As I said earlier, the issue that we Christians should focus on in this crisis is what could happen as a result of this crisis in the light of scripture. Right now we need to be watchmen, looking at what is happening and searching the scriptures. We are in the midst of an extraordinary world event and we need to consider whether or not this has any prophetic end times significance. Without going into great detail, it is clear to me that we are right at the end of the Church Age spoken of in scripture. There are all kinds of evidence for this including the re-establishment of the nation of Israel and the widespread apostasy in the church. The world is becoming ever more depraved and rebellious against God akin to the days of Noah. We have the technology and other means needed to facilitate the one world government and the rise of the Anti-Christ prophesied in scripture. Already some people are using the Coronavirus crisis to call for a one world government. There are also efforts being made to create a one world religion which are at an advanced stage. The one world religion will be about worshipping man and not God. These are just some of the signs that show that we are right at the end of the Church Age. So where does this Coronavirus crisis fit into the end times? I believe there is a real possibility that this crisis will be used to set the stage for the establishment of a one world government and the rise of the Anti-Christ. This health crisis will result in a financial crisis and in famine. This could lead to a false messiah stepping in to save the world. This crisis is like a trial run for mass control. People are being conditioned for this. It is also like a trial run for a global solution to a problem facing humanity. There is a very real possibility that this crisis will lead to a global currency, a global government, global control, global ID and a system for close surveillance of the population. At the moment the church has been shut down by the state and there is a real possibility that this crisis will lead to continued restrictions on the church and even to widespread persecution. And all of this would fulfil end times prophecies.

So, we Christians need to watch what happens and warn everyone that time is running out and that they need to repent and believe in Jesus as their saviour. Some Christians see this pandemic as a form of judgement on the world and they could be right but I am not convinced given that COVID-19 looks like being just another ordinary pandemic. Those who see this virus as a judgement also hope that it will lead to repentance in the world and in the apostate church. But I see no evidence that this will happen. I think that the apostate church is too far gone to repent and turn back to biblical Christianity and I see no evidence that the unbelieving masses see that this pandemic has anything to do with God. Far from it, on the whole they have turned their backs on God so strongly that they won’t give a second thought to turning back to him. I believe that this pandemic will come to an end without being as bad as some scientists have prophesied and the world will pat itself on the back saying that it was their efforts that saved the world from catastrophe.

If I am right, then we are living in the time immediately before The Tribulation described in the Book of Revelation and we will witness end times prophecies being fulfilled. So stay awake and rejoice because your salvation is near.