New Year Message 2020

New Year Message – It Is Still Getting Darker But There Is A Ray Of Hope

1st January 2020

A year ago I said that the world is getting darker because of what is happening in the church in the West in particular. And it is still getting darker. However, there is always a ray of hope in the darkness. God never abandons us even when the church as a whole is abandoning the truth and chasing after idols. He always keeps a remnant of His faithful ones as a light in the darkness.

Once again this past year I have seen Christians and churches rejecting the truth of scripture and replacing it with man-made ideas. In my profile on this website I have said that I believe in the bible, the whole bible and nothing but the bible. And many Christian would say that they believe this too. However, when you dig a little deeper with them it often turns out that this is not actually true. And the consequences of this can be very serious for the church at times as I have seen for myself. I would say that the majority of the church in the West does not believe in the bible, the whole bible and nothing but the bible but thank God there are some churches and some individuals that do and that is the ray of hope that I have referred to above.

There have been occasions this past year when darkness appeared to have prevailed in our personal circumstances. But the darkness did not prevail because God shone His light into the situations and rescued us. On one occasion our ministry seemed to have hit the rocks but at that time the Lord brought a faithful servant into our lives who spoke wisdom into our situation. He said, “Do you think God was taken by surprise by what happened? “Do you not think He has prepared a solution for you?” And sure enough he was right and as one door closed another better one opened. So on a personal level Suzanne and I have also seen a ray of hope in the darkness.

We live in the United Kingdom and last year our nation seemed to be in great peril. However, on the 12th December God had mercy on us and gave us another chance to restore our nation to what it once was. I see a ray of hope in the General Election result, a result that many Christians had prayed for. I see the rest of Europe becoming ever darker but by separating ourselves from the European Union we have a chance to set a different course. All we need now is for God to raise up faithful Christian leaders to speak prophetically to our nation and the church, calling us back to God’s ways and not man’s. Will you stand up and be counted in 2020?